How To Protect Your Wooden Fence During Winter?

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        Wooden fences can take a substantial battering from the cold winter weather, but there are some things you can do to help alleviate the damage and extend the life of your fence. 


          Although beautiful, these fences have small pores on the surface that allow water, fungi, mildew, and a host of other substances to get caught just below the wood’s surface. During the winter, drastic temperature changes can cause any existing water to expand and contract within pores and cracks in the wood. Sealing up pores and cracks in the fence before winter weather arrives should be your #1 priority. Even if the fence has been stained before, it may need another coat. Keep in mind, you should do a good cleaning to remove mold, mildew, and debris that has collected over time so that you don’t seal in all the grime.

          Trimming branches around your fence is something you should do all year long, especially in winter. Doing so will ensure that no damage is caused by breaking limbs that have become heavy with ice and snow during a winter storm.

          Sturdy and stable posts are absolutely vital to ensure your fence stays upright during any season but particularly against the harsh weather of winter. Rain adds a lot of moisture to the soil in your garden making the ground softer; therefore it is important to check your fence posts are still held secure and straight.

       Because snow is both heavy and wet, it can damage all your wooden surfaces. An important step to prevent this damage is to keep the snow off and away to the best of your ability. Excess snow leaning on one side of the fence will put unwanted strain on that fence panel. If you are shoveling or using a snowplow to clear your driveway, be sure to redirect snow piles away from your fence.

          Arrange a consultation before winter to repair any existing damage, so it doesn’t get worse later on, and ask for advice on how to protect your specific fence for the season. Whether you require maintenance service or repairs during winter, you can count on Winston Salem Fence Co for professional services and affordable rates. Call (336) 872-0504 to discuss your fencing needs today! If you install a Winston Salem fence, you can rely on top-notch materials and years of experience.