What Is The Best Fence For Kids?

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          Your children’s safety is always the #1 priority when you are a parent. Even small things like what fence material to choose can be significant and thought-provoking. Wood fences can splinter and wire fences can break off in no time. But, install a vinyl or aluminum fence and you won’t have to worry about a thing! With the right fence, you can keep your kids safe in the yard without worrying about them wandering off into the street or into your neighbor’s space. 



If you are considering an aluminum fence, opt for a flat rail rather than a spear. A flat rail aluminum fence still boasts a unique style and is 100% safe. Aluminum fences are both modern and practical. At Winston Salem Fence Co we help our customers discover and install the home fence of their dreams. Make sure your fence is strong and big enough to keep them protected, as well as tall enough so they can’t climb over it. 

Vinyl fences are also a great choice, too! Vinyl fences provide that layer of protection for your yard, your house, kids, pets, and everything in-between. They are durable, so they will keep you safe for years to come. Vinyl fences are also affordable and easily installed. If your fence has a gate, make sure it can be secured from the inside to keep people from easily accessing your backyard.

Having a pool in your yard is an excellent amenity, but getting a fence around it is a must! In some areas, pool fencing is part of the law. As a homeowner and parent, it’s your responsibility to prevent your kids or any other kids in the area from having unauthorized access to your pool. An aluminum fence, which has a more open design, is perfect for this use. Vinyl fences, which can be resistant to mold, rot, and fading from the sun, can also be erected in an open style. 

          Feel free to contact us about all the best fences on the market and fence safety. Whether you require maintenance service or repairs, you can count on Winston Salem Fence Co for professional services and affordable rates. Call (336) 872-0504 to discuss your fencing needs today! If you install a Winston Salem fence, you can rest easy knowing that your kids and pets are playing outside, safe from the surrounding dangers.